Skill Builds

SKILL BUILD (For All Class)


Skill Learning Rules:

  1. Skill points put in one layer should not be more than each left layer.
  2. Players will get 1 skill point every 4 levels in lv.1-20, every 2 levels in lv.21-50 and every 1 level in lv.51-60. Players will get 30 skill points in total when reaching lv.60




Haunt, Each normal attack have (20%/22.5%/25%/27.5%/30%) chance to lead another normal


Flash Strike, BooYa!! Hit single target, cause damage of (130%/145%/160%/175%/190%) P.atk


Advantage, Each buff upon yourself can add (7%/9%/11%/13%/15%) P.atk


Blade, The second normal attack to the same target heals you for (7%/9%/11%/13%/15%) of the damage dealt


Disadvantage, Each debuff upon yourself can add (7%/9%/11%/13%/15%) P.atk


Weaken Arrow, Deal (91%/101%/112%/122%/133%) P.atk to a single target and reduce 30% P.def and M.def. This debuff have extra 70% Buff Hit


Head Shot, Each normal attack have (5%/6%/7%/8%/9%) change to stun target for 1 round


Awake, Dispel all the buff and debuff upon yourself, and each buff will recover (0%/8%/15%/15%/15%) of your max HP. You will not effect by debuff for (0/0/0/1/2) round.


Greedy Arrow, Cause (91%/101%/112%/122%/133%) P.atk to a single tarage, this target will cost double MP to cast spell. This debuff have extra 70% Buff Hit


Mark, Mark a single target and deal (15%/18.5%/22.5%/26%/30%) more damage, this target will be a priority target by yourself


Liquidate, Deal (91%/101%/112%/122%/133%) P.atk to a single target, dispel all the debuff upon the target, each debuff will add 15% more damage


Harm, Each normal attack will give you a buff that increase your P.atk by (7%/9%/11%/13%/15%). it can add up to 3 times


Snap Shot, Shot 6 random arrows and each arrow deals (43%/48%/53%/58%/63%) P.atk. Damage reduces if shooting the same target


Bide, Each normal attack will give you a Molder buff, when you have 4 Molder buff on you, the next normal will deal exrta (your lv*15/40/75/120/180)fixed damage


Bet, Cause damamge of (169%/188%/208%/228%/247%) P.atk, if you kill the target, you will recover HP of this damage caused, if not, you will lose half of your current HP

Suggested Combination

Passive Assassin:Choose all the passive skill, bring two Evil Prince pet, choose Spd&P.atk attributes on gear.

Crit Assassin: Choose Death&Revenge as pet, choose Crit&P.atk attributes on gear, choose skill Flash Strike&Bet&Mark.

Bow Assassin: Choose Ninja&Sword as pet, they have debuff skill, choose skill Liquidate&Greedy Arrow&Weaken Arrow.

WARRIOR warrior



Bash, BooYa!! Hit single target, cause damage of (130%/145%/160%/175%/190%) P.atk


Counterstrike, Get it back, There’s (30%/35%/40%/45%/50%) chance to strike back after you suffer a melee attack


Penetrate, Penetrate the wall, cause (65%~260%/72.5%~290%/80%~320%/87.5%~350%/95%~380%) P.atk to a single target, the more DEF your target got, the higher damage they shall                          suffer


Light Heal, Heal the weakest teammate for (7.5%-22.6%/9.3%-27.8%/11.3%-33.8%/13%-39%/15%-45%), the more DEF you got, the more HP they will revover


Option, Cause 15% of your max HP fix damage or your (lv*20/lv*35/lv*50/lv*65/lv*80) fixed damage to a single target


Rush, Cause 15% of your max HP fix damage or your (lv*20/lv*35/lv*50/lv*65/lv*80) fixed damage to a single target


Devote Aura, All teammate add (10%/20%/30%/40%/50%) more Buff Res


Revenge, Each time you being attacked, you will get a anger buff. By the time you attack, you will release all anger buff upon you and each one will add your P.atk by (4%/4.5%/5%/5.5%/6%)


Cleanse,  Clear a random debuff before your move, and recover (0%/2.5%/5%/7.5%/10%) life of you max HP


Aura Shine, Cause (130%/145%/160%/175%/190%) P.atk, each Aura you have, add another 15% physical damage


Fury, When your HP is lower than 35%, get mad for 5 round, during madness you will get extra (30%/35%/40%/45%/50%) P.def and M.def, get another round immediately if you kill an enemy


Brave, Cause (60%/70%/80%/90%/100 of your lost HP) fixed damage to a single target


Divine Light, Dispel all the debuff upon all teammates, each debuff will recover (0%/1.5%/3%/4.5%/6%) HP


Titan Landing, Summon a giant, deal (78%/87%/96%/105%/114%) P.atk to enemies in one line

Suggested Combination

Fixed Warrior: Choose skill that caused fixed damage, choose HP&DEF as main stats.

Counter Warrior:Lower your Spd as much as you can, bring skill Counterstrike& Fury, choose DEF&Atk as main stats.

MAGICIAN magician



Devil Fire, Fire from hell, cause damage of (169%/188%/208%/228%/247%) M.atk


Freeze, Freeze the target and cause damage of (118%/131%/145%/158%/172%) M.atk. Frozen enemy won’t be able to act as long as nobody hit the target.(Suffer more physical damage when frozen)


Poison, Poison an enemy, cause damage of (84%/93%/105%/114%/123%) M.atk for 3 rounds, Ignore target’s M.def


Ignite, Dispel all buff upon a single target and cause damage of (135%/150%/166%/182%/198%) M.atk. If you dispel more than 2 (including 2) buff, stun the target for 1 round


Erosion, Weaken the enemies, reduce all enemies’ M.def and P.def by (30%/35%/40%/45%/50%)


Magic Hurricane, Summon a storm and cause damage of (39%/44%/48%/53%/57%) M.atk to a single target for 5 times. If any attack cause crit damage, the rest of the attack will increase 10% more damage


Plague Seed, Plant a seed to a single target, it will explore after 3 round and cause the damage of (202%/225%/249%/272%/296%) M.atk


Twist, Cast a spell upon all enemies, they can’t use skill has CD more than (4/4/3/3/3) for (1/2/1/2/3) round


Magic Shield, Every time you were being crit hit, you will get a shield that will absorb damage of (19%/23%/27%/31%/35%)% your max HP, the shield can affect once


Mysterious Summon, Summon a dead teammate and recover (30%/40%/50%/60%/70%) of his max HP. If no one dies, recover the weakest teammates (15%/20%/25%/30%/35%) of his max HP


Lightning Chain, Release a lighting chain that bounces among targets and each bounce deals damage of (56%/63%/69%/76%/82%) M.atk. Maximum 6 bounces


Life Steal, Cause damage of (101%/112%/124%/136%/148%) M.atk, and recover 30% HP of the damage


Time Reset, Cause damage of 10% M.atk to all enemies, and slow their process by (30%/35%/40%/45%/50%), if they don’t have 30% process, then stun them

Suggested Combination

Crit Magician:Choose skill Hurricane, choose Cirt as main stats.

Control Magician: Choose Time Reset&Freeze skill, choose spd as main stats。

Editor’s Note:

Please do feel free to feedback on anything stated in this guide that you felt it is, if you have better idea about skill, feel free to talk to us!

  1. Unjustifiable
  2. Better alternative skill build that is not listed
  3. Constructive Discussion to make the guide better and easier to understand.

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