ATLANTIS ~ The Ancient Civilization

Hello Casual Warriors! Today we will be discussing the game mode called Atlantis which can be found on the right-hand side of the Home Screen. (Note: Atlantis is also referred to as KingdomRuin in Daily missions)

Atlantis Home.png

What is Atlantis?

Atlantis is a game mode where you and a maximum of two other players (along with your pets) try to defeat a Boss monster for a chance to win rare loot. Players will need to reach level 20 to see and access this game mode. Every 10 levels after unlocking Atlantis is a new Stage with slightly harder monsters and better loot (i.e. Level 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60). Lastly Atlantis is open at any time of the day and you have 2 chances* to defeat the Boss with unlimited chances.

*You may purchase an additional (1) chance for 50 Gems if you are VIP 6

Atlantis Screen

If you LOSE, you may try again without losing chances. (Includes not killing boss within the 3 minute time period or all heroes/pets dying)


How can I select my teammates?


Before starting an Atlantis event, you will need to create a team and a page will pop-up like the one shown above. On the top left of the screen it says “Click to join” and by doing so you’re automatically inserted in the pool of Atlantis players that will take on the Boss monster. In this option you can choose up to 2 other characters (and their pets) to fight along side you, if you do join this pool they can also select you for their battle which will take up one of your two chances (rewards will be in mail). However, if you feel you can solo the Boss monster, there is no need to press “Click to join” and you will directly enter the battle without the help of other players.

What can I win in Atlantis?


You may only win awards if you successfully defeat the Boss within the given time limit. The rewards are relatively similar for each Stage of Atlantis with only slight differences and ‘Lucky Drops’ are awarded randomly to each participant. I have listed the possible rewards below:


The King of the Match wins more lucky drops and is awarded by [inflicting the most damage during the course of the fight]***

Battle Reward.png


How to defeat Atlantis Boss Monsters?

There are 3 Bosses in Atlantis which are randomly selected every day. This includes #1 Spider, #2 Breeder, #3 Ancient Queen.

Atlantis Boss.png

#1: Spider Bro

This Spider boss is similar to the one you can find in Ice Pole 6 and Treasure Hunt lv25.

Spider Fight.png

He inflicts destructive blows to you and your pets, so bringing an Evil Prince Pet is a must. The Evil Prince will passively drain the Spider’s mana which will decrease his damage exponentially making it easier to kill him.

Pro-tip: If you are near the end of the current Atlantis Level (you are level 29 in a level 20 Atlantis), it is possible to solo this Boss with an Evil Prince Pet. Be sure to have high damage and Blade Skill if you’re a Warrior or Assassin type.

#2: Shaman Breeder

This boss has 5 minions (scorpions in picture below) and healing capability. Breeder can also be found in Ice Pole with similar abilities.

The easiest way to beat this boss is to have numerous damage pets to pick off each minion. If your pets are defensive and do low damage it will be hard to kill the minions before the Breeder heals them for 70% HP.


Hopefully your teammates and pets can kill the minions quickly to leave the Breeder alone. Once, the boss has no minions he will discontinue his heal skill and melee your pets (weak weak damage don’t worry). Then you and your team will be able to kill him.

Pro-tip: If you have strong weapons and armor (or Coliseum weapon), it is possible to solo this Boss. Bring all passive skills (Double, Blade, Revenge, Revive) along with FREEZE. If you’re lucky you will freeze Beeder so he will not be able to heal minions. You may also decide to bring Fatality skill to kill everyone before the time runs out.

#3: Ancient Queen

This is the last boss you can find in Atlantis. Her power is summoning a skeleton to fight for her every round and doing massive single-target damage if you don’t kill the skeleton fast enough.

Queen Fight

The best way to defeat her at the early levels (20-30) is to bring a Birdy Pet as shown above. The Birdy Pet has a passive skill that targets the first person it hits, making it easier to target the Queen even if she summons a Skeleton Warrior (not shown above, sorry). 

Once you have good gear and skills you can just watch while your team takes down the Queen and her Skeletons.

Pro-tip: If you have strong weapons and armor (or Coliseum weapon), it is possible to solo this Boss. Use a bow weapon to target fatality directly towards the Boss, a melee weapon will automatically hit the skeleton since he is in front of her.

 ~ Good luck in Atlantis! ~


Problem? Post your comments below!


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