Class · Furnace

Furnace,where magic happens

Skill Book Part


  1. In here,  you can use skill book you don’t want to get the one you want.
  2.  There’s 9 spots in the furnace, Put different number of skill books will have the different result, 3 is the least.
  3.  When you get a higher level skill book, it will be the same kind book with your materials kind.
  4. If you there’s only one kind skill book in your materials, when you get a higher level skill book, it will be the same kind.
  5. Skill essence can be used as materials.



     Gear  Part


  1. In here, you can replace extra attributes on gears.
  2. Choose one material gear in the left, choose the target gear in the right.
  3. One of the attributes on material gear will have the chance to replace one of the attributes on target gear, the material gear will disappear no matter it succeed or not.
  4.  You can spend extra coins to lock one attribute on material gear, the locked one will be replace into the target gear for sure if the fusion succeed.
  5. If there is same kind of attribute on target gear with locked attribute, the locked one will replace the same kind of attribute for sure, but the success rate will be lower.
  6. You can’t have two same extra attributes in one gear.


        Pet  Part  


  1.  In here, you can get back the materials you used on a pet.
  2. The pet will disappear after the extract.
  3.  To be extracted pet need to be lv.40, not in the battle, and not in the Guild Merc.

One thought on “Furnace,where magic happens

  1. I like assassin because you can gain extra speed and if you are also have a crossbow it is cool and winning rate will be high before my mom was a magician then when I tell to my mom assassin then she tried it then she liked it so l also choose assassin so if I make new server I choose assassin it is the best amount of the three


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