Icepole Guide: How did you do it?!

Good day Warriors! Welcome to the comprehensive guide to beating Icepole! This guide will help you on each mission and also assist in explaining different aspects of this Game Mode.

Icepole is different from Hellgate, Atlantis, and Treasure because it does not change when your level changes. It is constant throughout your Warrior career but defeating harder monsters means you need to get better gear and higher levels. Note: The only level restriction is Ice Pole 8 where you need to be level 40 to access. 

Editor Note: Most of these can be done with Fatality and Freeze skill. If you are having trouble with any stage, try leveling your character more to access higher level gear. 

First off, where can I find the Icepole?

Icepole is a Game Mode located on the very left-hand side of the Home Screen. Ice Pole Location.png

Icepole Interface


#1: Icepole Stage. Tells you which stage of the Icepole you are on.
#2: Red/Green Dotted Line. Red dots indicate undefeated monsters, Green dots indicate defeated monsters. Three Green dotted lines mean you are able to challenge Boss of any given stage.
#3: Unchained Monster Avatar. Show monsters that must be defeated in order to reach Boss. Click the Avatar to enter mission. Under the avatar is their name and level, which provides an indication of what level your hero and pets need to be to successfully beat the monster.
#4: Defeated Stamp. Indicates that you have successfully beat the monster. Unable to redo mission until you press Reset button (See #6).
#5: Chained Monster Avatar. This indicates the Boss of any Icepole stage. Beat it to access next stage. Usually drops better loot than normal Icepole monsters. 
#6: Reset/Sweep. This button resets Icepole all the way back to Icepole 1 with 0 monsters and bosses completed. By doing so, you can try to defeat all the monsters you already defeated! If you're lazy, the Reset button turns into Sweep button that allows you to automatically defeat those monsters you defeated to your highest monster beaten. Please note that you do not receive all the rewards when you sweep your previous defeated monsters, you will only receive bronze coins and a CHANCE to get silver coins. Usually only 1 silver coin obtained per reset. 
#7: IceStore. Pressing this button will pull up a new screen where you can see various items that can be exchanged for the bronze and silver coins you obtained by defeating monsters and reseting. We recommend you buy Evolve Stone I because it is much cheaper than Malwart and Shop.  

ICEPOLE 11.png

1A) Patient Giant lv15
Use Revive skill as you might not be strong enough to kill this Titan without dying. If you are having trouble, level up or use Fatality skill.

1B) Interim Death lv15
To defeat this wave, with 2 pets, cast a multi hit skill (SnapShot/Lightning). If the reapers managed to all aim and kill you on the first round, try again.

1C) Broken AI lv18
To defeat this wave, make sure you are level 18 and above with a multi hit skill (SnapShot/Lightning). Even if you die, your pet will survive and you can clear this stage.

1BOSS) Beeder lv15
To defeat this mob, freeze Beeder and kill the lobsters, then kill beeder.

ICEPOLE 22.png

2A) Broken AI
To defeat this wave, Broken AI has Ward skill which can negate your first hit. However, same rules apply as in (1C), and their attacks deal minimal damage to you, so pick them off one by one. Having an Archangel Pet with it’s passive protects you from death by Bite.

2B) Dragon Shadow
To defeat this monster, equip revive, survive first wave of its “Singal Blow”, and finish it off with a hit. Alternative, a fast and strong Sword pet can seal the deal in 1 move.

2C) Advancing Titan
To defeat this monster, please use all skills on his face.

To defeat this wave, suggested use of lightning, as physical attack have a high chance of causing the player being bitten to death. As with previous scenario, higher level and archangel pet increases your clearing chance greatly.


3A) Cacique
To defeat this monster please use all skills on your face. With its ability to regain full health, it’s necessary to either dish out enough damage or stop it from moving. If you do not have enough damage, try to freeze it when u can attack the 2nd time in one turn.

3B) Spider
To defeat this monster, bring Evil Prince pet. Alternatively, freeze it, and use a combination of pets that weaken its attack (Archangel/Ninja). Weaken skill helps.

3C) Dad Bear
To defeat this wave, freeze Dad Bear and kill off Roda Block(tree monsters), since pets will only be able to target DB after the trees are down, and DB’s lightning is a pain-ITA. Equip xbow to target DB.

3BOSS) Bloody War Lord
To defeat this fast and painful monster, use weaken, freeze and bring tanky attack-reducing pets (archangel/ninja).


ICEPOLE 44.png

4A) New AI
To defeat this monster, kill off the New AI first. The Archangels deal very little damage, however, killing any of them will result in the New AI at the bottom to have significantly large damage to KO you and your two pets.

4B) Walking Dead
To defeat this wave, equip xbow, use normal hits on the last row until they have a bit of hp left. Your pets should be dealing some damage to the front row of WD. Once they are ALL down to a bit of hp, cast snapshot and kill them all off. Your pets should be able to pick off one or two that dodged. Bring fast or tanky pets such as Sword/Revenge/Archangel/Ninja. All WD should die together within 5 moves before they revive.

4C) New AI (2)
The AI in this level has the passive skill Bless, meaning whatever damage you do they will need 3 hits to die. Bringing a bow is essential as you can try to weaken all enemies, before finishing them off with Snapshot. If you are a low level, bring pets in case you insta-death from the transformer.

4BOSS) Iron Warrior
The 3 Iron Warriors can easily one shot you or your pets, so its vital you have Revive skill handy. What you need to do is use an AOE skill like Snapshot or Chain lightning where you can One Hit KO the 3 bosses after you revive. If you cannot manage to kill them yet, try leveling to reach better gear for this mission.



5A) Dad Bear
Tobe safe you can Freeze skill the Dad Bear enemy and take care of his minions first or just simply damage everyone and beat the level.

5B) Dad Bear (2)
The minions on this second Dad Bear mission are harder. These turtles are tankier and dont take much physical damage. Key to this mission is Freeze skill the boss and use a mage type like Athena to kill the turtles. Don’t forget you can borrow your guilds pets in Guild Merc function.

5C) Advancing Titan
This mission is similar to that of Hellgate. If you kill the Archangels in the back, they will make the Titan stronger. Best to try and kill the Titan first before hitting the angels, but be careful, the Titan is very powerful.

5BOSS) Broken AI
Similar to Stage 4C, the 6 transformers have bless skill. Use a bow or staff to weaken each AI first, then kill all of them to finish the mission. You will most likely die from killing the transformers so bring Pets to be successful.


ICEPOLE 66.png

6A) Beeder
Freeze skill the Beeder then kill scorpion minions.

6B) Spider
Use Fatality skill because you wont be able to bring Evil Prince pet. If you are having trouble surviving, use Revive skill or level up gear.

6C) Spider (2)
You are allowed to bring one pet for this mission, please bring Evil Prince pet. The mana stealing passive of Evil Prince will lessen the Spider’s damage drastically. Focus on killing the Spider then finish his scorpion minion.

6BOSS) Walking Dead
To defeat this wave, equip xbow, use normal hits on the last row until they have a bit of hp left. Your pets should be dealing some damage to the front row of WD. Once they are ALL down to a bit of hp, cast snapshot and kill them all off. Your pets should be able to pick off one or two that dodged. Bring fast or tanky pets such as Sword/Revenge/Archangel/Ninja. The only difference is the WD in this round heals, but the method is still the same. All WD have to die together within 3 moves.


7A) Spider
Like Stage 6C it is important to bring an Evil Prince pet. If you cannot kill Beeder fast, please Freeze skill him on the first round. Then proceed to killing Spider and scorpion minion before finishing the Beeder.

7B) Beeder
This mission has 2 Beeders healing 3 scorpions. Damage pets are essential in this stage. Start of by Freeze skill one Beeder, then try to kill the scorpions while one Beeder is alive (or try to kill him). When Freeze skill is available and off cooldown, Freeze the other Beeder and kill the 3 scorpions.

7C) Cacique
This level is tricky as the Caciques (3 of them) can fully heal start of each round. What you need to do is wait for your damage pets to deal 30%+ more damage on a single target, if you’re lucky you can hit that same Cacique twice. It’s a combination of being lucky to hit a target that your pet will hit as well, this mission might require multiple tries. Note: Don’t waste skill on first turn, just use Normal Attack.

7BOSS) Broken AI
Just like the Blue Devil demon in Adventure mode, this Boss will suck your mana after your first turn. Bring passive skills and kill him.

ICEPOLE 8 (Fatality Needed)8

8A) Blue Devil
Bring only passive skills because you will not be able to use skills. Dont forget to bring 3 pets too. First kill the Devil (the easy part), and then try to kill the 2 Titans. These Titans are strong and also tanky so easier to finish this mission with Fatality skill. Good luck with the proc! Note: Use bow if you don’t want your hero to get countered by the Titan. 

8B) Dad Bear
Similar to Stage 7C except this time theres a Dad Bear in the middle. Try to use Fatality on all monsters, but if you want a challenge try to damage one Cacique and hope your pet hits the same one. Freeze skill the Dad Bear first to avoid taking too much damage.

8C) Dark Knight
This Boss is similar to 5C and Hellgate, he will One Hit Ko you and your pets. Avoid killing the Archangels as that boosts the Boss’s damage. Use Fatality skill on the boss to proceed.

8BOSS) Skeleton Queen
Use a Bow to aim directly at Queen. Use Fatality on Boss to pass this stage.


9A) Beeder
Similar to past stages, bring Freeze to stop Beeder from healing. His turtles are anti-melee so its smart to bring Magic pets or use your magic skills. If you are melee, its better to try to dps the turtles to death or use Fatality. Once the turtles are dead, finish the Beeder.

9B) Beeder (2)
Same as 9A, Freeze Beeder then kill his minions. Finish off Beeder once minions are dead.

9C) Dark Knight
Try to avoid killing Archangels, save them for last. If you cannot DPS the Dark Knight to death then I recommend bringing a Bow and trying your luck with Fatality. Finish the Archangels once Dark Knight is down.

9BOSS) Skeleton Queen
Get a Bow and use Fatality skill. Best of luck.


10A) Skeleton Queen
To defeat this monster please use a bow with Fatality skill and aim directly at Queen until Fatality procs.

10B) Beeder
You have 1 turn before Blue Devil sucks all your mana away. Use this turn to Freeze skill the Beeder. Once frozen, he will not be able to heal his minions. Proceed to killing Devil first then minions, then break the ice and kill Beeder.

10C) Skeleton Queen
Similar to the previous levels, be sure to bring Fatality skill as Queen is annoying. There will be a devil there so skills requiring mana should not be brought. Kill devil and try to Fatality the Queen.

10BOSS) Blue Devil
This boss consist of a Blue Devil and 3 walking dead minions. Best way to do this is bring passive skills and 3 melee pets (pref Sword pet). First kill Blue Devil, your mana will be sucked. Now the 3 walking dead remain. Use your shots to carefully make them all weak (close to death). Be sure not to kill one too early, you need to kill all walking dead in 1 turn. When all minions weak, kill 1 and hopefully your 3 pets can finish the other 2 minions.


11A) Blue Devil
Freeze Blue Devil then use magic pets like Athena/Pharaoh to kill turtles. Finish the Blue Devil once minions dead.

11B) Blood Brothers
Freeze one Cucumi and destroy both.

11C) Beeder
Freeze Beeder and use Fatality on the Caciques. You can also use normal skills if you have good gear.

11BOSS) Blue Devil
Blue Devil will suck out your mana so only bring passive skills. The AI will one hit you if you kill them so aim at Devil first. Once devil is dead make your 3 pets kill the AI. If there is one remaining, finish the AI minion off and your surviving pet will let you win.

~ Adry x Rex x WarDeKai ~




4 thoughts on “Icepole Guide: How did you do it?!

  1. Great guide guys. Thank you for taking the time to do this. Hope you guys are in contact with the devs on any irregularities you see. The game and this guide are rocking so far.


  2. Is there any chance we could get a list of the rewards that each icepole level gives, just the boss? Only a suggestion, appreciate this all takes time, and love the work to date!


  3. An easy way for 8B,
    1st Step – Freeze Bear, Then use Firing then ignite on one Cacique (Will stun them and not recover for that turn), finish both Cacique before unfreezing the bear. Bring along a pet that will recover mp if needed (eg. Daimon, or Diamond scorpion)
    All the blue devils, bringing those scorpion along will help. No need to rely on fatality 4-5% chance of happening haha


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