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Evolution of Gears (Extended Version)

Greetings fellow Warriors of CW, I have been informed by our Official Casual Warrior Administrator that there is a lack of guide in explaining how Evolution of Gears works in-game. Though there is a brief explanation in our FAQ Guide, but I guess it was TOOOOOOOOO brief to describe and illustrate how it works. PS: It… Continue reading Evolution of Gears (Extended Version)

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Casual Warrior FAQ (Extended Version)

SKILLS How to Reset Skills?  From level 1 to 24, you will be able to reset your skills for free, the button to reset is located on the top left corner of Skill window. Note: the amount of gold and skill books you spent on will not be refunded during reset, only skill points, which… Continue reading Casual Warrior FAQ (Extended Version)

Evolution / Enhancement

Equipment Evolution / Enhancement Material List Guide

For a list of material and item type for Weapon/Armor/Ring Evolution or Enhancement, you can find them at this document > Click Here <. The data is current incomplete, feel free to drop us a reply/comment to assist us in updating these data. Thanks! Credits to Adry & WhiteRexBlack for their contributions. Special thanks to helpful players to verify… Continue reading Equipment Evolution / Enhancement Material List Guide