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INTRODUCTION: LAB LAB is a primary function in-game that allows you to use 4 other sub-functions such as; GEAR INHERIT GEAR REFINE PROP COMPOSE PILL COMPOSE Each sub-functions serves a purpose; whether to assist you in creating better gears, props to use for other dungeons, making pills for pets to make them stronger, etc. For… Continue reading LAB GUIDE: INHERIT, REFINE, COMPOSE

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Meet WarDeKai (aka WarPax), Our YouTube Warrior!

Good day Fellow Warriors! We are proud to present to you, our one and only Youtuber for Casual Warrior; WarPax from Server 4, Whisper Forest. This is one of his many other videos available for fellow Warriors to watch and learn about Casual Warrior. Though, bear in mind that the game is still young so give… Continue reading Meet WarDeKai (aka WarPax), Our YouTube Warrior!

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Casual Warrior FAQ (Extended Version)

SKILLS How to Reset Skills?  From level 1 to 24, you will be able to reset your skills for free, the button to reset is located on the top left corner of Skill window. Note: the amount of gold and skill books you spent on will not be refunded during reset, only skill points, which… Continue reading Casual Warrior FAQ (Extended Version)