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INTRODUCTION: LAB LAB is a primary function in-game that allows you to use 4 other sub-functions such as; GEAR INHERIT GEAR REFINE PROP COMPOSE PILL COMPOSE Each sub-functions serves a purpose; whether to assist you in creating better gears, props to use for other dungeons, making pills for pets to make them stronger, etc. For… Continue reading LAB GUIDE: INHERIT, REFINE, COMPOSE

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Meet WarDeKai (aka WarPax), Our YouTube Warrior!

Good day Fellow Warriors! We are proud to present to you, our one and only Youtuber for Casual Warrior; WarPax from Server 4, Whisper Forest. This is one of his many other videos available for fellow Warriors¬†to watch and learn about Casual Warrior. Though, bear in mind that the game is still young so give… Continue reading Meet WarDeKai (aka WarPax), Our YouTube Warrior!

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Casual Warrior FAQ (Extended Version)

SKILLS How to Reset Skills?¬† From level 1 to 24, you will be able to reset your skills for free, the button to reset is located on the top left corner of Skill window. Note: the amount of gold and skill books you spent on will not be refunded during reset, only skill points, which… Continue reading Casual Warrior FAQ (Extended Version)