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Evolution of Gears (Extended Version)

Greetings fellow Warriors of CW, I have been informed by our Official Casual Warrior Administrator that there is a lack of guide in explaining how Evolution of Gears works in-game. Though there is a brief explanation in our FAQ Guide, but I guess it was TOOOOOOOOO brief to describe and illustrate how it works. PS: It… Continue reading Evolution of Gears (Extended Version)

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Meet WarDeKai (aka WarPax), Our YouTube Warrior!

Good day Fellow Warriors! We are proud to present to you, our one and only Youtuber for Casual Warrior; WarPax from Server 4, Whisper Forest. This is one of his many other videos available for fellow Warriors to watch and learn about Casual Warrior. Though, bear in mind that the game is still young so give… Continue reading Meet WarDeKai (aka WarPax), Our YouTube Warrior!

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Stats, Gears & Gear Builds 101

In this guide, I will be covering on; Basic Stats Explanation, Class Modifier, Bonus Stats, Inherent Gears Stats and most anticipated Guide of all – Gear Builds for all classes. Before I begin, here are some information you need to understand in order to apprehend the terms used in this guide. TYPE: WEAPONS TYPE: ARMORS Base Stats;… Continue reading Stats, Gears & Gear Builds 101