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INTRODUCTION: LAB LAB is a primary function in-game that allows you to use 4 other sub-functions such as; GEAR INHERIT GEAR REFINE PROP COMPOSE PILL COMPOSE Each sub-functions serves a purpose; whether to assist you in creating better gears, props to use for other dungeons, making pills for pets to make them stronger, etc. For… Continue reading LAB GUIDE: INHERIT, REFINE, COMPOSE

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INTRODUCTION: WHAT ARE PETS? Pets are your fighting companion in Casual Warrior, to assist you in battles that includes; Icepole, Treasure, Arena, Coliseum, Hellgate, Abyss, Atlantis and Adventure. They come in various shape, size, race, rarity and category. Any 3 ★ pets or above possess unique special skill; passive or active. At level 14, you… Continue reading PETS: YOUR BEST FRIENDS


Icepole Guide: How did you do it?!

Good day Warriors! Welcome to the comprehensive guide to beating Icepole! This guide will help you on each mission and also assist in explaining different aspects of this Game Mode. Icepole is different from Hellgate, Atlantis, and Treasure because it does not change when your level changes. It is constant throughout your Warrior career but defeating… Continue reading Icepole Guide: How did you do it?!

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What is ABYSS? Abyss is Dungeon for players to face-off with Epic Bosses and each different Boss have their own sets of unique skills. These unique skills adds additional effect and attributes to each specific bosses and it requires proper planning of stats in gears build, skills build and pet combination to maximize both your survival rate… Continue reading ABYSS: DEEP DOWN UNDER

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Evolution of Gears (Extended Version)

Greetings fellow Warriors of CW, I have been informed by our Official Casual Warrior Administrator that there is a lack of guide in explaining how Evolution of Gears works in-game. Though there is a brief explanation in our FAQ Guide, but I guess it was TOOOOOOOOO brief to describe and illustrate how it works. PS: It… Continue reading Evolution of Gears (Extended Version)

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Meet WarDeKai (aka WarPax), Our YouTube Warrior!

Good day Fellow Warriors! We are proud to present to you, our one and only Youtuber for Casual Warrior; WarPax from Server 4, Whisper Forest. This is one of his many other videos available for fellow Warriors to watch and learn about Casual Warrior. Though, bear in mind that the game is still young so give… Continue reading Meet WarDeKai (aka WarPax), Our YouTube Warrior!